Glen Eden Business Association

Glen Eden Business Associaiton has been serving our local business community since its incorporation in 2005.  Glen Eden Business Associaiton is a not for profit Incorporated Society currently representing over 140 member businesses in the Glen Eden Town Centre.

We provide a wide range of services for members including the promotion of Glen Eden as a business and shopping area, hosting events to attract people to the precinct as well as member networking events and regular member communication. A key role of the Glen Eden Town Centre is the liaison and engagement with Auckland Council and other authorities to bring about improvements to the area and lobby for the interest of the businesses.

The association operates under their own Constitution (click here to view constitution) and assists with economic development in our town centre including assisting with the business needs of our members. 

Made up of members of the business community, the Business Association Committee is elected every year at the AGM. The current committee members are:

Chair: Natasha McDowall - Tael Solutions
Treasurer: Nigel Sommerville - Glen Eden Optometrist
Bevin Mobberley - idesign
Ian Burkett - Pet Shop Boyz
Grant Tretheway - Lollipops Educare
Dave Ibbs - Organics Out West
Waren Adolph - Warren Adolph Homes
John Wheaton - Property Owner
Vallerie Carrol - Community Rep
Michelle Clayton - Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Business Improvement District (BID)

​The Glen Innes Business Association is also one of 51 Business Improvement Districts in Auckland and the relationship between Auckland Council and the business association is guided by a BID Policy, which was updated in 2022. BID’s are funded by an additional rate known as a ‘targeted rate’, paid by all business and commercial property owners within the defined area.  Although council collects the rate for the BID, it does not spend the rate. 100% of the targeted rate money collected by council is granted to the BID Executive Committee.  The Committee determines how this money is spent via its Strategic Plan and annual business plan and budget as agreed at each year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Click here to read more about Council's BID programme.

​To find out how much your business is paying into the BID programme, see the reverse side of your commercial rates invoice.

All property owners and businesses within the Glen Eden BID targeted rate area are eligible to become members of the Association.  Please contact our manager Gary Holmes on 0274 966283 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to enquire or complete the membership contact form.

 Applications for Associate membership for people operatring businesses from outside the BID area or from home, and who have a link to the Glen Eden town centre are welcome by completing the Associate Member form.

Annual General Meetings

Each year, an AGM is held to review the previous year’s activities, adopt the financial statements and elect the Executive Committee. You must be a member of the association to vote and serve. Click here to view our AGM page (including minutes)

Attend an Executive Committee Meeting

Members of the Business Association are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Committee meetings.  Please contact the Manager for the date of the next meeting and to provide notice of attendance. Items for discussion of General Business should be proposed with a minimum of two weeks’ notice to enable time to add to the agenda.

Please note that information discussed in these business meetings is confidential to our members; punctuality and a high standard of professionalism and respect is mandatory.

Non-members wishing to attend an Executive Committee meeting should make application to the Manager.


​If you have any queries about the business association, please contact the Manager Gary Holmes via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 0274 966283

Click here to view our current 2021 - 2026 Strategic Plan